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Taraneh Azar is an Iranian-American journalist, musician, researcher and visual artist. Azar is currently a reporter with USA Today's Investigations Unit.

I specialize in online communities and viral content and have written and reported extensively on the sociopolitical impact of memes.

In my writing, I am compelled and driven by a desire to document and convey the true essence of individual experience, perspective and thought. In sharing various stories and exploring cultural and social phenomena with a focus on political process and trend-based value, I aim to contribute to a continuous dialogue which I believe essential to a sustained understanding of varying perspective and experience. 

I am currently based in New York.


I strive to explore the boundaries of and nuances within the abstract, often intangible concepts of conflict, order, harmony, peace and disorder through my choice of medium and varied composition. Shared experiences manifest differently in perception from person-to-person. With this idea in mind, I am driven to explore a largely perceivable condition of navigation and development in self-understanding and discovery. I am inspired to create art that, while deeply personal and intimate, challenges perception on the surface to explore variety and fluidity in consumption.

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