Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I am an Iranian-American journalism and political science student. Through both my visual and written work, I attempt to explore the relationship and balance between identity, youth, femininity, resistance, sexuality, self-image and largely the manifestations of harmony, chaos and dependence.  

 The mundane, cyclical and sometimes overbearing nature of daily life intrinsically inspires my work and direction. I am interested in the permeating nature of boredom and repetition influencing perception with regard to who and where one is. 


These ideas of reinventing oneself and getting lost in the outside world through obsessions with image and external perception drive my pursuit for representation. Documenting these feelings and how they manifest in an everyday environment through photographing old friends in familiar places doing what they always do comprises my attempt, through visual image, to document elements that intrigue my eye and shape my experience as an individual.

A collection of my written works including articles and poetry can be found on my page. My goal is to showcase a comprehensive view of my attempt in presenting the human condition while exploring the relationship between my personal views with a goal of reflecting that of those around me.

In my writing, I am compelled and driven by primarily my desire to document and convey the true essence of individual experience, perspective and thought. By sharing various stories and exploring intersections in culture and society with a focus on political process and trend-based value, I attempt to contribute to a continuous dialogue which I believe essential to a sustained understanding of varying perspective and experience. 

Photo manipulation, destruction of imagery and physical material and the use of blunt, sometimes abrasive text all contribute to the composition of visual exploration of emotion and imagery. Through the mediums of paint, mixed media, charcoal, pad and ink on photo paper, my broader aim is retained while the means of conveying are shifted, ultimately represented in a different form. The overarching theme of mundane, everyday life retains its structure while the means of achieving the end vary from medium to medium, piece to piece.

I am currently based in Boston, MA.


I strive to explore the boundaries of and nuances within the abstract, often intangible concepts of conflict, order, harmony, peace and disorder through my choice of medium and varied composition. Shared experiences manifest differently in perception from person-to-person.  With this idea as an underlying force, I am driven to explore a largely perceivable condition of navigation and development in self-understanding and discovery.  I am inspired to create art that, while indicative of my own personal experiences, challenges perception on the surface to explore variety and fluidity in consumption.