Looking Back In Time: Comme des Garçons Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear

From the perspective held in 2019, we should look back on Rei Kawakubo’s February 2014 Paris Fashion Week collection, where the line between sculpture and garment blended seamlessly in classic Comme des Garçons form.

Kawakubo pushes the frontier of artistic form with each new collection while also drawing upon and maintaining the rich traditions of her distinct style and process. Therefore, a retrospective look at past collections is always timely, especially in 2019 as social media and cultural leanings continue to widen the scope and influence of each house and distinct style of craft. Looking back at rich traditions nod to the inspirations drawn with each new collection as past and present converge, even indicating what is to come.

Kawakubo has been long hailed an artist, able to incorporate outlandish and repulsing forms with traditionally feminine cuts in remarkable and controversial manners. The house has been rejecting the boundaries of gender since it was founded in 1973, and over time baggy, avant-garde cuts have evolved into “lumps and bumps” such as those showcased in her iconic Spring 1997 collection.

Over the years, this sculptural, ceremonial, almost performance-based method of garment presentation has evolved with – and against – the masses.


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