Rick Owens Sets Fire to Utopian Ideals, Partisanship and Paris Fashion Week

Featuring a cast of witches, a burning pyre, and a ceremonial runway proceeding, Rick Owens RTW for Spring 2019 at Paris Fashion week combined Owens’ classic take on form and androgyny with his characteristic garment drapery to haunting and beautiful effect.

The collection features intricate geometric elements and sculpture-like design on par with Owens’ typically highly-stylized and earth-toned form. Silk gowns sewn to dirty American flags swept the runway as hiking boots and frayed denim skirts mixed what we know and love about Rick Owens with hints of a new direction. Bikini tops were paired with architectural castings encasing models, while giant fabric-encased planks protruded from others. Stiff, restrictive fabrics juxtaposed with flowing silks and foliage-like fringes, exploring the balance between order, serenity, and chaos. These witches were equipped for ritualistic mountain ceremonies and suburban malls alike.


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